Saturday, February 6, 2010

Small Bows

These flower clipies are under 2". They can be made in any color. ($2.00)

Double Ruffle Bow
This bow is made of 7/8" double ruffle, and can come in any of the colors that the double ruffle headbands come in. This bow is around 3" wide. ($2.00)

These are fun layered bows made out of 3/8" ribbon. There are spikes through the center of the two bows. The bows can come in up to 2 colors, and we will make the spikes match. These bows are under 3" wide. ($3.00)

Korker Bows $4.00

Korker Bows are curly, super full, and fun bows. They can come in up to 5 colors,

The Spring Collection $4.00 each

Valentines Heart

Bunny Rabbit
Comes in Vanilla or Chocolate

Four Leaf Clover
Just what you need for a good luck charm.

Spring Flower
Can be made in any color.

Beautiful Bugs!!! $4.00 each

Lady Bug

Double Winged Butterfly
These fun flyers can come in any color combination.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Double Ruffle $4.00

This Bow is made with 1 1/2 Double Ruffle Ribbon, it is double layered for a fun, and full look. It measures around 4" wide.

Head Bands

Soft Infant double ruffle Headbands are adjustable and there is a loop to interchange bows. They fit from newborn to approximately 3 years old. ($3.00)

Woven headbands
These headbands come in 1/2" ($5.00), 1" ($6.00), and 2" ($7.00).They come in up to 4 different colors and,several different patterns.

Braided Headbands
These headbands come
in up to 2 colors,and are beautiful with a head full of curls.

All of these headbands can have a bow attached to them.